Blue Jean Baby

Blue Jean Baby

You had a busy day today
Making, working, wearing down
1871 is for cowboys and minors
50 years and
We fit jeans to fashion
From use to symbol
Borrowed authenticity
Artificial distress
A thing turns into an idea of itself
What is more American than a pair of blue jeans?
The promise of being self-made
The purchase of an identity
The words we know
The tune we hum

My family was a Levis family, 501s, which my mother bought one size large for the waist and two sizes long for the legs. We’d unfold dark denim rigid as chipboard, walk stiffly down to the river, and spend the afternoon swimming in our new pants; breaking them in like the cowboys. – TAYLOR DAVIS

The only jobs I ever want to have or do are those that I can wear jeans while doing. I want to wake up every day and put on jeans. – RACHEL FOULLON

I could experiment with denim forever. Jeans rip, fray, cut clean, bleach, fade, are sewn, become skin. – ANNA SEW HOY

We have so many things that are coded female. Pants were one of the last things to be coded male. I chose to work with jeans because of the lack of class association. – SARA GREENBERGER RAFFERTY

Denim is King, Queen, Worker. Wear or Worn (OUT). – NANCY SHAVER
Blue Jean Baby
August 6, 2016-October 16, 2016

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