Allison Schulnik: Moth

Allison Schulnik: Moth
November 21, 2020-January 31, 2021

SEPTEMBER is thrilled to present Moth, a single-channel animation by Allison Schulnik that will be projected onto the main wall of the gallery. Moth is a culmination of hundreds of gouache paintings created over the course of 14 months by Schulnik in her desert California studio. The animation is set to “Gnossienne No. 1,” written by Erik Satie and performed by Los Angeles-based musician Nedelle Torrisi. The immersive visual and auditory experience is enthralling and all too brief.

Schulnik’s animation is a rich study of transformation with subjects mutating forms that are never stationary, ever transient. Schulnik gives humans, animals, insects, and landscapes equal significance, making each a central subject for a brief time. Each animated character evolves rapidly and then develops into a new, temporary form.

We are living in a time of significant change, navigating sociopolitical rifts, and an unfolding pandemic. The only constant seems to be change. While it has always been true, it has become acutely apparent that adaptation is necessary in order to survive.

Moth is a mesmerizing distillation of impermanence, a rolling illustration of the symbiotic relationship of life and death. The flickering and fleeting nature of Schulnik’s animation is a poignant meditation on the temporality of all existence.

Exhibited with the animation will be five small oil paintings of landscapes, insects and other natural subjects rendered in thick paint. Shaping her compositions both as image and object, Schulnik applies dense layers of paint that push into the cavity of an empty room, and for as long as we are present, become part of our world.

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Images courtesy of the artist and P.P.O.W.
  Allison Schulnik
November 21, 2020-January 31, 2021

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