Odessa Straub, How do we care..., 2020, found objects, vinyl tubing, gold enamel, live plant (Marimo moss ball), 30 x 16 x 7 inches

Odessa Straub

Odessa Straub (b. 1989 Brooklyn, NY) graduated with a BFA from The Cooper Union (2013). Solo exhibitions include Odessa Straub with Jeffrey Stark, NADA (Miami, FL), Puss Palace Panic Room, Cooper Cole (Toronto, Canada), Migrating Contents, ALAC (Los Angeles, CA), Tennis Elbow, The Journal Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), Real Puss Technologies, SEPTEMBER (Hudson, NY), Odessa Straub, NADA, (New York, NY), Tears in Housebreaking Letting the Gold, Acappella (Napoli, Italy), Necrotizing Woos, Jeffrey Stark (New York, NY), Seasonings on Precipice Perception, Mier Gallery (Los Angeles, CA). Two and three-person exhibitions include Jaywalkers: Eddie Martinez, Rafael Delacruz, and Odessa Straub, Loyal Gallery (Stockholm, Switzerland), Viewing Room: Agathe Snow and Odessa Straub, Marlborough Contemporary (Chelsea, NY). Group exhibitions include Well/Being, University at Albany Art Museum (Albany, NY), Earthly, College of St Rose (Albany, NY), American Women, curated by Marie Maertens, La Patinoire Royale (Brussels, Belgium), Untitled, As It Stands (Los Angeles, CA), Yellow, SEPTEMBER (Hudson, NY), Inflatable Dolls, Women’s History Museum at Springsteen Gallery (Baltimore, MD), Peanuts, Eighteen Gallery (Copenhagen, Denmark), NADA, Cooper Cole (Miami, FL), Simili Stone, organized by Jacques Vidal, LA KAJAE (Brooklyn, NY), night walk, Inman Gallery (Houston, TX), Summerfest, curated by Lauren Taschen, Max Hetzler (Berlin, Germany), Fresh Cuts, Eric Firestone (Hamptons, NY), Blue Jean Baby, SEPTEMBER (Hudson, NY), Perfect Present: Three Generations of Painting, Jeffrey Stark (New York, NY), Present Conditional, Mier, (Los Angeles, CA), That’s The Neighbor, Always Dressing These Boulders In The Yard, The Suzanne Geiss Company (New York, NY). Her zine, published by innen (Zürich, Switzerland, 2019), is carried by Printed Matter. Select recent press includes Artforum Critics’ Pick and The Brooklyn Rail Review. She was an artist-in-residence (2019-2021) at Art Cake (Brooklyn, NY). Straub will be in Well/Being, a group exhibition at the University at Albany Art Museum (2021). Odessa Straub lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Odessa Straub, Speaking kind of repetitively, 2021, wood, felt, silk velvet, glass vase, cotton, rope, live plants, 46 x 36 x 24 inches

Odessa Straub, Supplemental Soul Suppository, 2019, wood, mohair, silk velvet, rope, canvas, upholstery foam, thong, glass cloche, aquarium substrate, Plexiglas, plants, water, 29.5 x 71 x 31 inches

Dead Hand Spilling Cistern on the Swallowed, 2017, Acrylic, dye, enamel, 90 x 108 inches

Odessa Straub, Posse Orbit, 2017, steel locker, purses, backpack, shoehorn, hanger, boxing headgear, machete, wire mesh nest, dog toy, terracotta pigeon, lightbulb cage, turtle shells, 36 x 48 x 61.25 inches

Odessa Straub, Between The Moon the Cistern and the Column, 2017, acrylic, wool, fur on canvas, 48 x 40 inches

Odessa Straub, Back of Neck Willies, 2017, acrylic, charcoal and latex on canvas, 44 x 37 inches